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Extensive River Landscape with a <br>Shepherd and his Flock <br>Signed: “Boquet” (lower right)

Pierre-Jean Boquet
(1751 - 1817)
Extensive River Landscape with a
Shepherd and his Flock
Signed: “Boquet” (lower right)

Oil on canvas
17 3/4 by 20 inches
(45.1 x 50.8 cm.)

Provenance: Sotheby's, New York


A French neoclassical painter, Pierre-Jean Boquet was a student of Jean-Baptiste LePrince (1734-1781) and exhibited his paintings in the Paris Salon between 1791 and 1812. He is especially known for his landscape paintings which depict wooded scenery with figures and animals (two of which are in the Musée de Reims). Apart from his paintings, there are also some prints known by Boquet who was also active at the Porcelain Manufactory at Sévres between 1809 and 1810.