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Portrait of a Man in a Turban

Attributed to Isaak (de) Joderville
(c.1612 - before 1648)
Portrait of a Man in a Turban

Oil on canvas
24 by 17 7/8 inches (61 x 45.4cm.)

School of Rembrandt, attributed to
Isaak (de) Joderville

Provenance: Christie’s, New York


Isaak (de) Joderville was (with Gerritt Dou) was among Rembrandt’s earliest pupils in Leiden and was apprenticed to Rembrandt from late 1629 until the end of 1631. In 1631, Joderville went to Amsterdam with Rembrandt and may have stayed there beyond that year to assist Rembrandt in his workshop with his numerous portrait commissions.

Joderville himself painted mainly Rembrandtesque heads and was such a faithful follower of his master’s early work that several of his paintings were at one time attributed to Rembrandt. (Many of these have been reattributed by the Rembrandt Research Project.) In 1636 Joderville married Marie Le Fevre and settled in Leiden. Between 1641 and 1643 he lived in Deventer after which he moved to Amsterdam where he was last recorded in 1645. In 1659, his daughter, Marieke married the painter Frederik de Moucheron.

Another version of this painting dated 1631, is in the collection of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle, Inventory Number 63. For many years the Windsor Castle painting was attributed to Rembrandt and considered a portrait of Rembrandt until its reattribution to Joderville in 1986.

The painting Bust of a Young Man, signed by Joderville is in the National Gallery of Ireland (Cat. No. 59).